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    Date: Wed, 15 Nov 89 18:31:17 PST
    From: Alison Bailes <alison@ads.com>
    Subject: make-sequence-patch.lisp?
    To:   clue-review@dsg.csc.ti.com

    There is a binary file, make-sequence-patch.lbin, distributed with
    CLX.  It is incompatible with my LISP image and I need to recompile
    it.  Is there a source file, make-sequence-patch.lisp, available?
    I'm using Lucid, Victoria Day PCL, on a Sun 3/75, Unix 4.2.

    I'm sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong place.  Should I be
    asking comp.windows.x?

What version of lucid?  The patch is for lucid 2.0.  If you have lucid 3.0 you
don't need it.

There is no .lisp file.  We're just forwarding the file exactly as lucid sends
it out (they must be afraid that someone would ge a hold of their source code
and copy it).

In general you should really take this up with lucid.  The patch is from them
to fix a bug in their code.