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ACK!  I answered this on clue-review; I'd better do it here too!

					yduJ (Judy Anderson)
					Lucid East

    From yduj Wed Nov 15 21:11:55 1989
    To: alison@ads.com
    CC: clue-review@dsg.csc.ti.com
    In-reply-to: Alison Bailes's message of Wed, 15 Nov 89 18:31:17 PST <8911160231.AA00570@sundry.ads.com>
    Subject: make-sequence-patch.lisp?

    The binary file make-sequence-patch.lbin is a patch to a very old
    version of Lucid lisp (lucid 2.1).  It is highly unlikely that you
    need it.  The defsystem.lisp file of CLX should have #+ and #- stuff
    in it such that it only gets loaded if you are still running the older
    Lucid lisp.  If (load-clx) or (compile-clx) is trying to load that
    file, please let me know, and detail which version of Lucid you are
    running.  If you're just trying to load it because it's there, it's
    probably unnecessary.

    Personally, I regret that we ever let this file get out onto anybody's
    CLX tapes; it has caused more hassle than the bug was worth!

And a second message that I sent in response to a reply:

    From yduj Thu Nov 16 10:44:29 1989
    To: alison@ads.com
    CC: alison@ads.com,clue-review@dsg.csc.ti.com
    In-reply-to: Alison Bailes's message of Thu, 16 Nov 89 10:38:11 PST <8911161838.AA00838@sundry.ads.com>
    Subject:  make-sequence-patch.lisp?

    I understand what is going on.  I have been carefully sending out
    diffs and such to the CLX folks, but I haven't been as involved with
    CLUE and thus didn't realize that CLUE had a reference to
    make-sequence-patch.  Do you have the basic CLX stuff to look at?  Or
    does CLUE supply its own?  Anyway, if you check the CLX defsystem
    you'll see what is supposed to be happening re this file.  Since you
    are using Lucid 3.0 you should not be using this file.  

    CLUE folks: Please change any load of make-sequence-patch to have the
    following #- clause:

      #-(or lcl3.0 vax) (load "make-sequence-patch")