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YYonX 1.0alpha

Our portable window tool kit research project started to 
open the sources of YYonX, which is a YY tool kit for X-window.
It's an output of our research for network oriented 
distributed tool kit for Common Lisp.

YYonX is still in alpha status, meaning there are many known bugs
and many points to improve.
We will appreciate if you try to use and give us your comments.

All the sources and documents are available by
anonymous FTP to ftp.csrl.aoyama.ac.jp ( from Internet.
Go to YY directory and you can find them.

The Major Characteristics are:
1. It is a pilot implementation of YY for X.
2. It used a server/client model.
 YY-server is a X-client for low level stuffs.
 YY-client is a X-client for an application part and API.
3. CLOS oriented portable tool kit.
4. Never make a Xlib (CLX) call by user.
5. There is YY-Protocol for the communication between YY-server and
 YY-Protocol enables the co-operation of YY-server and YY-client
 over TCP/IP, and has a highly compressed format.
6. For example, you may use a SUN3/60 X-server, a SUN4/260 YY-server,
and a YY-client on a different machine to execute YYonX based application.
Though the 1.0alpha is only tested on SUN-4/3 yet, it is scheduled to
test with other UN*X machines, and Symbolics client.
For the CL impelmentation specific information, 
please refer the documents in anonymousFTP files.
7. Tested X-window are X11R4, X11R3.

There is yyonx@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp mailing list for discussion.
To enroll your name to the list, send an E-mail address to

Masayuki Ida
Head, YY research project
Computer Science Research Lab.
Aoyama Gakuin University

Other major Developers:
Takashi Kosaka (Aoyama Gakuin Univ./CSK), 
Keisuke Tanaka (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)