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YYonX 1.0alpha

   >>Date: Thu, 14 Jun 90 21:59:58 JST
   >>From: Masayuki Ida <ida@cc.aoyama.ac.jp>
   >>Our portable window tool kit research project started to 
   >>open the sources of YYonX, ...
   >>All the sources and documents are available by
   >>anonymous FTP to ftp.csrl.aoyama.ac.jp ( from Internet.
   >>Go to YY directory and you can find them.

Thank you for making FTP accesses to us quickly.
We had lots of FTPs last night (in USA, the daytime of 14th.) 
and got many messages.

Thank you for several persons sending me info on TeX, PS problems.
Since we changed the gateway machine last week and
changed the OS to SunOS 4.1 and changed the internal net structure,
some configuration bugs of us still there and 
we found several confusion on setting FTP files yesterday.
Also several persons so quickly FTPed while we are under the
restructuring the ftp files. For such friends, please try again today.

I am very sorry that the lack of information on our files.
Here are some.

There are six files:
tar.1.0alpha.server     tar.1.0alpha.yydoc      tar.1.0alpha.client
tar.1.0alpha.server.uu  tar.1.0alpha.yydoc.uu	tar.1.0alpha.client.uu

.uu files are 'uuencoded' files  and the contents are the same as
files whose name have no .uu.
So, you don't need to get .uu files usually.
.uu files are placed for convenience of mail users.

.server file is a tar file for YY-server.
.client file is a tar file for YY-client.

yydoc contains four files now.
how-to-install-yy-client, yy-proto.ps, how-to-install-yy-server,
and yyapi.ps.
yy-proto.ps and yyapi.ps are postscript files.
Print them at postscript printer.
how-to-install- files are usual text files.

   >>There is yyonx@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp mailing list for discussion.
   >>To enroll your name to the list, send an E-mail address to

Since the official language on yyonx mailing is (tried to be) English
(or Common Lisp :-), please try to access.

   >>Masayuki Ida

Thanks again for having attention to us.