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Best Lisp pkg for graphics

To cl-windows mailing list readers:

I have a question that I would like your opinions.
Specifically, I am looking for the "best" CL-based
graphics package, which provides the following:

(1) high level graphics libraries for creating
graphic objects. These objects are defined according
to a "visual language" grammar, and may generally
be icons or simpler boxes, diamonds, of which
large networks can be constructed.

(2) interface building tools for constructing
structured graphical editors for the visual
languages, for allowing pan, zoom, etc. of graphical
networks of structures.

(3) associated mechanisms to allow the behavior of
graphical objects to be connected with underlying
knowledge representation, to support mixed-initiative
dialogue with a user (using dialogue boxes to augment
the graphical stuff on the screen).

(4) set of tools to assist AI researchers who are
not graphics programmers in doing exploratory
prototyping of research ideas without learning
how to be graphics programmers.

(5) it runs on X11 (R3 or R4).

I have heard of several CL toolkits, but most
seem to support creating user interfaces that
are mainly "forms". Does amybody have any experience
they can share in some of the available CL toolkits
that might address issues presented above?

Please respond via email (I currently am not on this
mailing list). Thanks for any and all replies.



James P. Davis, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Horizon Research Inc.
1432 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02154
(617) 466-8300