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Re: What is YY? (Re: YYonX 1.0alpha)

> Return-Path: <drl@vuse.vanderbilt.edu>
> Date: Fri, 15 Jun 90 11:29:27 CDT
> From: drl@vuse.vanderbilt.edu (David R. Linn)
> To: ida@cc.aoyama.ac.jp
> What *IS* YY (and is there a version that is *NOT* run atop X)?

Firstly, I show comments from Prof. Ida, head of YY Research

Prof. Ida thinks:
> YY means the following things.
> 1. In Japanese language, YY is pronounced as "WAI-WAI",
> which means ,"buzzing, lively talk, prosperty,... in one place
> from different places to enjoy together."
> The word YY contains such prayer.
> 2. Yet another Y, which is an early version of CLIM.

Repeat the question from David:
> is there a version that is *NOT* run atop X?

We opened ONLY YYonX.

We think our primary targets are the evaluation of server-client model
of YY and the implementation of the feature of dynamic window.

However, we planned to start the implementation of yy-client on
Symbolics Genera.

						Keisuke 'Keiko' Tanaka
						Aoyama Gakuin University.