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trouble with CLX, LUCID, and window stuff from background processes.

i am having quite a time tasseling with CLX, under lucid 3.X & 4.0beta,
on both vaxstation3100's and sun4sparc, trying to get graphics running
from a background process/thread. sometimes. but a very specific sometimes.

two things happen: 

first, many windows created and displayed from the background do not appear
unless some sort of interrupt is triggered from the foreground.

second, if i create more than 5 window and 10 gcontexts in a background 
routine, communication between CLX and LUCID breaks, graphics freeze, and
within a few forms and connes, all is locked up, and i have to kill it all 
off and start things over. however, before everything freezes up, and though
no graphics are working, LISP still receives interrupts from the mouse entering
and exiting and clicking on windows.

the great thing about all this is that most of the time this same code works
just fine running in the background, and that everything here always works if
i run it in the foreground process.

i would love to describe this problem in greater detail to anyone who thinks
that they might know what the problem is, but i'll leave it at this for now.

has anyone else run into this sort of trouble? is it CLX trashing Lucid's
process locking? is it Lucid trashing CLX's memory pointers or sockets?
is it process limits? stack sizes? does Woton have anything to do with this?

i am at a bit of a loss at this point to find a fix.

our site is a humble uucp dialin, and we do not get news, so if this forum is a
newsgroup, please cc or email your replies to directly to me, or i may never 
see them.

thank you.
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