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YYonX 1.2 is available !!

YYonX 1.2 is now OK with Symbolics Genera, Lucid CL, and Allegro CL.

  --- Release Note for YYonX verion 1.2  ---     1990/11/05
                                            Masayuki Ida,
                                            the YY project leader, CSRL
                                            Aoyama Gakuin University

YYonX version 1.2 is now ready for anonymous FTP 
at ftp.csrl.aoyama.ac.jp under YY directory.

There are several files. (Sizes for documents may change, sorry.)
           Nov  6 12:34 ReleaseNote.1.2
      3823 Nov  6 12:34 WHAT.IS.YYonX
    159764 Nov  6 12:55 client.1.2.tar.Z
    220155 Nov  6 12:55 client.1.2.tar.Z.uu
      6146 Nov  6 12:55 demo.1.2.tar.Z
      8501 Nov  6 12:55 demo.1.2.tar.Z.uu
    247807 Nov  6 12:55 doc.1.2.tar.Z
    341456 Nov  6 12:55 doc.1.2.tar.Z.uu
      1033 Nov  6 12:34 how-to-install-yy-client
       663 Nov  6 12:34 how-to-install-yy-server
    124737 Nov  6 12:55 server.1.2.tar.Z
    171893 Nov  6 12:55 server.1.2.tar.Z.uu

1. ReleaseNote.1.2 is this file. (plain text file)
2. WHAT.IS.YYonX contains the explanation of YYonX. (plain text file)
	Please read this file before unpack the source tar files.
3. client.1.2.tar.Z(.uu) contains the compressed tar file for
	yyclient directory.
4. server.1.2.tar.Z(.uu) contains the compressed tar file for
	yyserver directory.
5. doc.1.2.tar.Z(.uu) contains the compressed tar file for
	yydoc directory. There are YY-protol documents and YYAPI
	documents. (YYAPI documents will be updated shortly.)
6. demo.1.2.tar.Z(.uu) contains the compressed tar file for
	yydemo directory. (Currently, only one file is there.)
7. how-to-install-yy-client (plain text file) contains the direction
	to install yy-client.
8. how-to-install-yy-server (plain text file) contains the direction
	to install yy-server.

Sources are copyrighted but freely used acknowledging the notices
on the top of each source code.
Documents are placed in public domain, though we may update
the contents time to time.

Major features of 1.2 version are:
1. YY-client is tested with Lucid 4.0 (Lucid CLOS), Allegro 3.1.13 (PCL), 
   Allegro 3.1.17 (International version, PCL), and Symbolics Genera 8.0
   (Symbolics CLOS).
   YY-server is mainly tested on Sun4 SunOS4.1 and X11R4.
   (And is working on several other UN*X and/or X11R3 like titan.)
2. Updated YY-server to cope with new features.
3. Updated YY-Protocol (between YY-server and YY-client) specification
   with the introduction of the page mode (for text oriented interaction)
   and viewport mode (for high speed graphic outputs).
4. Event processing, popup menu and several primitives are refined.
5. Many bug fixes and improvements of 1.11alpha.

Further schedule:
0. Refinement of YYAPI specification.
   (Yes, we had not made enthusiastic efforts on improving API specification
   yet, since we like to adopt standards for external interfaces and
   had not enough time to take care of outlooks.)
1. More enhancements on Graphics, animation area.
2. UI tools enhancements.
3. Versions for mainframe Common Lisps are under development.
4. UK researchers told us that the Eulisp is running on top of YY.
   We will welcome such experimentation.
5. Attempt to start the discussion with CLIM to have an unified 
   external specification. (YY and CLIM made a joint statement for it
   on 1990/02/14.)
6. Continuous trial to obtain much higher performance on the
   communication between YY-client process and YY-server process.

------------------------------------ No Migration but Co-existence ---------