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Re: xlib:query-tree

Your message:

      There is a version of CLX for Sun Allegro floating around here at CMU
    that crashes whenever you call xlib:query-tree.  The version of Allegro
    I'm using is 3.1.13 [Sun 3] (4/24/90).  I'm not sure what version of CLX it
    but it's definitely R4.  This also happens on some PMax machines here.
    The error message looks like:

    <cl> (xlib:query-tree drawable)
    Debug: ID 42 from display #<XLIB:DISPLAY unix:0 (MIT X Consortium R4)>
    should have been a XLIB:WINDOW, but was :WM_ZOOM_HINTS

We see this problem fairly often.  The usual cause is an older version of the
twm window manager.  Any version of twm before the one distributed with
X11R4 has a serious bug in it.  Basically, twm sends synthetic events to
the client as required by ICCCM.  But twm doesn't fill in all of the
fields correctly.

However, looking at your zoom, no event is apparent.  Perhaps the server is
to blame for the incorrect ID.

If you can answer a couple questions we may be able to help you further.
What version of the X11 server are you using, and on what kind of machine?
Are you using twm?  If so, what version?  If not, what window manager are
you using?

	-- John Irwin
	   Franz Inc.

PS: The version string of CLX is available in the variable: xlib:*version*