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Naive Xlib question.

I'm attempting to do useful things on my Lisp Machine, with the effect
that they are displayed on a remote X screen.  Now, can someone with
more of a clue about Xlib than i tell me how i can find out:

does the remote X console support colour?

how big are its screens?  (should i be able to use :width, :inside-width
and the like?)

what sort of fonts does it support?

i noticed that attempting to display an OldEnglish large font on a
GraphOn X terminal resulted in no characters at all being shown;
obviously the X server decided that there were no fonts close enough to
the original and gave up.  is there any way of persuading the client to
send glyphs corresponding to the characters to be displayed?  In my
case, this would be a one time transmission of about 10 glyphs...