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Getting characters in Open Windows

We can't seem to get any keyboard characters to go to client windows under
Sun's OpenWindows using lucid v4.0 and Lucid's CLX.  The characters all
appear in the Lisp window instead.  We have 
	OpenWindows.Beep: always
	OpenWindows.SetInput: followmouse

and in CLX, we set the :event-mask of the new windows
to be '(:button-press :key-press)

This had worked for all other window managers (twm, motif, etc.).

Is there something special we should be doing to make the OpenWindows
window manager pass the events to the CLX windows?  The mouse button
events work fine.


Brad A. Myers
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3890
(412) 268-5150