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Lucid CLX and XVision

Could anyone give advice on using Lucid Common Lisp's
CLX-based Window Tool Kit (the more common one is on SunView)
together with XVision? The latter is a program which makes it
possible to use X-Windows - applications in PC with Microsoft
Windows user interface.

The application that was tried ran OK with server and client
in different Sun workstations. But XVision could not be used
as a server with that same windowing Lisp application. The
following error message appeared when Lucid's Window Tool Kit
tried to initialize the root viewport on XVision:

"No appropriate visual class exists:
  ((1) (4 #<XLIB:VISUAL-INFO 8-bit STATIC-COLOR |displayname| ..."

CLX source code happened to be available and there struct
visual-info was defined as follows:

(defstruct visual-info
  (id <unspec> :type card29)
  (class <unspec> :type (member :static-gray :static-color :true-color
                                :gray-scale :pseudo-color :direct-color))
  (red-mask <unspec> :type pixel)
  (green-mask <unspec> :type pixel)
  (blue-mask <unspec> :type pixel)
  (bits-per-rgb <unspec> :type card8)
  (colormap-entries <unspec> :type card16))

My guess is that the class-field of some specific struct does not 
get its correct value.

Now I am asking: Does anyone know what goes wrong here? Has anyone used
XVision with CLX succesfully? If so, how?

If you have ideas, advice or instructions, I'd be grateful to
receive them.

  Pekka Jussila                          Email:
  Nokia Research Center                  jussila@rc.nokia.fi
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