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Re: CLX and OpenWindows incompatibility?

The ususal reason for the problem you reported is that your application
did not tell the window manager (via the "input hint") that it expected
to receive input.  Many window managers, such as twm, don't pay
attention to this hint, but olwm (correctly) does.

>From the OLWM manual:
       FocusLenience (boolean)
              If this is set to true, olwm will not  enforce  the
              ICCCM  requirement that windows must have the input
              hint set in order to receive the input focus.  This
              option  is  useful  if  you run clients that aren't
              ICCCM-compliant,  like  many  X11R3-based  clients.
              Default value: false. 

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>From Garnet-Users-Request@h.gp.cs.cmu.edu Mon Sep 30 13:39:19 1991
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>Subject: Re: CLX and OpenWindows incompatibility? 
>Date: 	Mon, 30 Sep 1991 09:23:32 PDT
>From: Brad_Myers@gem.garnet.cs.cmu.edu
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>> I am trying to run CLX on a sun running OpenWindows (server and olwm
>> window manager) and I am having problems with the input focus.
>It has been reported that the following will fix this problem (beats me
>why it is needed!)
>* If you are running OpenWindows from Sun, you will need to add
>* the following line to your .Xdefaults file to make text input work
>* correctly in Garnet:
>	OpenWindows.FocusLenience:		True
>Let me know if this works for you!
>Thank you for your interest in Garnet.
>Brad A. Myers