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LispView & X-Windows


I am currently working with Sun Common Lisp 4.0.1 under OpenWindows on a Sparc 2, and am wondering if anyone can answer the following question:

The LispView package included with SCL is perfect for placing calls to XView, but very few Xlib calls are implemented. Missing routines such as polygon-fill and arbitrary-shape regions would speed-up developpement tremendously (as I am just starting in Lisp).  How can I define calls to Xlib from within Lisp? I checked out the Foreign Function Interface, but since LispView is written using CLOS, the internal structure of such objects as displays & canvases is unknown, therefore preventing me from passing the proper parameters & pointers to the C librarys.

Any help or suggestions welcome!

Pierre Vachon            Laboratoire de vision et systemes numeriques
vachon@gel.ulaval.ca     Universite Laval, Quebec, CANADA