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    Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 11:28 PDT
    From: William M. York <York@Chuck-Jones.West.Dialnet.ILA.COM>

	Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 06:01 PDT
	From: Richard Lamson <rsl@MAX-FLEISCHER.SF.Dialnet.ILA.COM>

	    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 14:37 PDT
	    From:     TYSON@SUNSET.AI.SRI.COM (Mabry Tyson)

	    Hi Richard....

	Hi, Mabry.  Long time no see.

	    We have some code that we've had on the Symbolics that we're going to port
	    to the Sun (and run on both).  Currently we've got CLIM from Franz for 30
	    days to check it out.  We've signed a Beta Test agreement through Lucid for
	    Clim but haven't gotten a tape.  The local Symbolics salesman says Clim won't
	    be out for beta test on Symbolics until, say, January.

	We can probably lend or sell you a copy of the 0.9 CLIM for Genera

    We are currently negotiating with Symbolics over this very issue.  Until
    it is resolved, please do not distribute this information, or make any
    public comments about the state of ILA's Genera development
    implementation.  Thanks.  -- Bill


Franz (with whom we have a 30-day test drive agreement) didn't give us
an address to report problems to.  (I heard the Lucid (with whom we have
a beta-test agreement) tapes were mailed on Friday but I haven't seen it
yet (no surprise).)  Someone else has mentioned Bug-CLIM@ILA.COM but I
hesitate to send to an address like that unless I'm told I can.  Have
you set up a mechanism for people to report problems (as separate from
asking for help)?  The reports I've heard indicate the CLIM@BBN.COM
mailing list has been dormant.  That list would be good for us users to
cooperate in trying to figure out what we can do and also to report what
problems we've run into (and maybe get help).  But it isn't necessarily
a good way to report problems back to the authors of CLIM.

If you come up with a policy, I would appreciate it if you would let us
all know it (eg, through CLIM@BBN.COM).



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