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Mabry Tyson writes:
>Did you get this address from her/him?
>                ---------------

No, she told me she will send it, but I never got it.


This is the last mail I got from her:

From: Sherdah Bowman <slb@Franz.COM>
To: Felix Ingrand <felix@Sunset.AI.SRI.COM>
Subject: Re: CLIM 
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 90 18:07:39 PDT

Your message:
    I just got the CLIM tape, and I installed it this morning. As agreed, we wi
    use it for a trial period of a month and then we will let you know what we
    decide. Meanwhile, is there any address where we could send bug reports?

Dear Felix:

I apologize- I must have lost this message somehow and I just
recovered it.   I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

I am delighted to hear you already received the tape (remember we
didn't ship it, it came from Massachusetts.)  You should file all bug
reports to ILA.  There should be a number or email address in the
literature.  I will call tomorrow AM for the email address.

Please let me know how the evaluation progresses.  I am eager to find
out your impression of the software package.


Sherdah Bowman
    Sherdah Bowman		    Franz Inc.
    Marketing Representative	    1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
    INTERNET:	    Berkeley, CA  94704
    UUCP:     uunet!franz!slb	    (415) 548-3600, FAX: (415) 548-8253


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