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Re: CLIM presentation types (mostly ALIST-MEMBER)

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> From: TYSON@SUNSET.AI.SRI.COM (Mabry Tyson)
> Subject: CLIM presentation types (mostly ALIST-MEMBER)
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> The presentation type ALIST-MEMBER does not work as documented on page 171
> in the CLIM API.  Specifically, the cdr of each element can only be a property
> list.  Thus
> 	(alist-member :alist '(("None" . nil) ("All" . all)))
> and	(alist-member :alist '(("None" nil) ("All" all)))
> do not work, but
> 	(alist-member :alist '(("None" :value nil) ("All" :value all)))
> does work.  The error occurs when you try to do an ACCEPT of this type.

> [I would like a fix if available.  If not, I can probably program around
> it.  The rest of this is comments about problems in the documentation.
> No response desired on them.]

> In the documentation for ALIST-MEMBER, the presentation type
> member-sequence is referenced but does not exist.
> Completion is also referenced but not defined in this section (11.5) although
> it appears in the summary in 10.19.5 (p 107).

> The documentation specifies ALIST-MEMBER's arglist is
> 	alist &key test
> when it appears that it is actually
> 	&key alist

> SEQUENCE is defined on page 173 (with non-optional arg which is in disagreement
> with the definition of DEFINE-PRESENTATION-TYPE which specifies all args
> must be optional or keywords (or &rest).  However, SEQUENCE is not defined
> on page 107.  (SEQUENCE does exist in 0.9, with a non-optional arg.)

> Note that COMPLETION on page 107 has a non-optional arg.  (In 0.9,
> COMPLETION's arg is optional.)


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