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Menu-Choose Printer problem; Execute-Frame-Command doc

    Date: Tue, 23 Oct 90 06:28 PDT
    From: (Mabry Tyson)

    Franz 0.9:

    While EXECUTE-FRAME-COMMAND is documented under Application Frames on p.105,
    it would be nice if it was also documented under the Command Processor.
    I have functions that would like to execute commands but I don't really think
    of that as being intrinsically tied to the frame.  (So why do you have only a

The doc request is noted.  

EXECUTE-COMMAND, by the way, is just (apply (first command) (rest command)).  I 
suppose that functionality could be packaged.  EXECUTE-FRAME-COMMAND exists
because it provides a useful place to hook additional functionality.  Suppose
the frame wants to do other things each time a command is executed...

    MENU-CHOOSE is documented as taking a :PRINTER keyword which takes a
    function that has an object and a stream as its args.  I believe I
    already expressed my confusion over the docs as to what the "object" is.
    It did turn out to be elements of item-list, not some portion of those
    elements.  However, it appears that function is getting passed the wrong
    stream.  I dutifully printed to the stream argument and saw my output
    come out on the Interactor pane of the frame and then it died under
    CI::DRAW-STANDARD-MENU as the FORMATTING-LIST stuff had zero rows and
    zero columns of output (to the correct stream) and so divided by 0.

Can you put your call to MENU-CHOOSE inside a binding of CLIM-UTILS:*ORIGINAL-STREAM*
and CLIM-UTILS:*OUTER-SELF* to NIL?  [Don't ask.]  Let me know if the problem goes
away and I'll fix MENU-CHOOSE appropriately.

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