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Any one else out there trying to write stuff in the 0.9 version of CLIM in
Franz or Lucid CL?  If so, you know the documentation is quite rough and the
implementation isn't much better right now.

I've figured out how to do the following things (using
undocumented/internal functions when I had to):  [I should say I "think"
I've hacked a way to do them...  Please don't expect the code to work!]

Raise/Bury frames  
Reset the title of an existing frame
Clear the output history of a pane
Create a pop-up window to use for, say, ACCEPTING-VALUES.
Define a highlighting menu class
Some stuff towards allowing command menus that take gestures besides :select.

It's not a whole lot of code, and it sure ain't elegant.  But if someone else
out there has been bashing their heads against the wall on this, I'm willing
to put the code out for view. (< 15K bytes)

I also have a bunch of code that I'm using to try to isolate the 
window-system (Genera vs Clim) specific code into a single file.  That might
be useful to someone too.

Again, all this is code under development and so is quite rough.  I do not
have my application running in CLIM yet so I can only test bits and pieces.

Some things I still need to figure out how to do:  
  Have the toplevel loop read a command or a form.
  Bind globals around the toplevel loop
  Have the cursor be visible in an application frame.
  Various presentation types (MEMBER-SEQUENCE, TOKEN-OR-TYPE, ...)
	...and more

Anyone done any of that yet?  (Maybe they don't seem so hard to do, but working
without sources or decent documentation does slow one down.  I can't even
really read the disassembled code!)


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