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    Date: Tue, 6 Nov 1990 15:46 EST

    Where can I find documentation on CLIM, e.g.
    current status, suggested features, historical background?

    Phil Chu
    Space Telescope Science Institute
    3700 San Martin Dr.
    Baltimore, MD 21217

It depends partly on what you want to know.  You can send $50 to
Symbolics to get the documentation we supply with our CLOE product.
You can probably also shake a(n old) CLIM specification out of
someone at ILA; the most recent one is dated around August 15.

The status is that Lucid is shipping CLIM with 4.0, Franz plans to
be shipping a developer's release soon, and Symbolics is shipping to
a few customers on Genera and CLOE.  Symbolics will be shipping CLIM
to all of its customers at the beginning of the new year.

Historical background as long or as short as you care to listen to,
but I'll decline to say anything here, mostly due to my laziness.

Suggested features will naturally be taken into consideration, but
it has been the approach at Symbolics to keep the number of features
in CLIM to the essentials.

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