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Hello and thanks for your inquiry.

CLIM on Allegro CL (based on Silica) is available now from
Franz and has been shipping for some time.
Sources for CLIM are also available as well as CLIM-related consultation.
The academic price without sources is $500/cpu with additional discounts
for multiple copies.  Site licenses are also available.
Like all our products, we have several source code options for CLIM. 
Please contact Janine Weber at Franz (our MA rep) directly 
and she can give you more exact information.

Thanks again,

    Bill Carlson		    Franz Inc.
    Sales Manager 		    1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
    INTERNET:	    Berkeley, CA  94704
    UUCP:    uunet!franz!carlson    415-548-3600, FAX:415-548-8253

   Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 10:26 EST
   From: "John C. Mallery" <>

   Can somebody tell whether sources for CLIM will be available for the various
   lisps offering it?  Also, what are the prices with and without sources?

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