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Buttons and Controls

    Date: Tue, 20 Nov 1990 03:18 EST
    From:     Bernd Wild <>

    We are about to build a graphical user interface based on CLIM (ACL)
    containing elements like buttons, thermometers and speedometers.
    The question is how to build up these macro elements? One way
    would be to allocate a window stream, draw all decorations
    and make the interactive area a presentation type. The other
    would be similar to the way you have to code such stuff under
    Flavors on a Symbolics: get the appropriate system flavors as
    component flavors of your own flavor and add some specific
    handling methods, i.e. use as much as possible things which are
    already present in the system.
    As I don't have detected any hint in the code examples and the 
    (preliminary) manual of CLIM how to use the CLIM classes as
    basic substrates I would appreciate any advice.


It will eventually be the province of CLIM to provide a direct interface
to sets of such gadgets as they are provided by window systenm toolkits
such as Motif.  Right now, CLIM does not provide that functionality.

The proper modularity for building your own gadgets is to define some
graphical objects that know how to display themselves, and know what
sort of controls they have (for example, the moving "thumb" of a
slider").  Then use the presentation system to express the operations
on those controls.

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