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   From:        Richard Lamson <>
   To:          Rainer Koenig <>, <>, <>
   Subject:     problems
       1. CLIM and the Allegro Composer can`t be loaded together.
          I have the impression that there are problems with the PCL.
          Please send us an installation description, so that we can use both 
          packages together, that's why we bought them.
   It may be the case that CLIM will work with the version of PCL which
   comes with Composer (the Franz people tell me that the difference
   between the two PCLs is that the CLIM version is more heavily
   optimized).  You can try returning from the call to ERROR which happens
   during loading CLIM (saying that "CLIM requires New Caching PCL") to see
   whether it works, but it may be that we would need to compile CLIM using
   the old PCL in order to have it work.
Well, I'd prefer if you'd try to get out the CLOS version as fast as possible
since Franz gives Allegro 4.0 to beta-sites (and maybe to other friendly people).
I raised this problem before, and it seemed that one has indeed to do away
with clim-pcl and recompile clim with franz-pcl.

       2. When we load our application into an image with Allegro CL and the PCL, 
          all works well.  When we load our application into a CLIM-image
          an error occurs:  bus error number 10.
   This is too hard to diagnose without a backtrace, and even then it might
   not be easy.  Does this occur during loading or when you first try to
   run your application?  Also, there is a patch to Allegro 3.1.13 which
   may be related, whose number I don't recall; it was supposed to fix
   certain errors of this form.  Please send a copy of the transcript of a
   session in which this happens, including the output of ":ZOOM :COUNT
   99999 :ALL T" to Bug-CLIM@ILA.COM and Bugs@Franz.COM.  We may also need
   a copy of the relevant parts of your application.

I had this error too, and (SORRY FOR THAT, I'm just a poor programmer) I got
the impression that those errors are random, but they occur more frequently
when one writes wrong clim Code. Nowadays I almost never get them anymore.
So, the problem could be that PCL builds some very strange memory references
under some some cricumstances. What I did then was to kill the lisp image
and reload my code again. If that didn't help, I tried to locate and
changed code which seemed to favor those errors (argl .....).


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