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Re: presentation actions

> Date: Thu, 7 Feb 1991 16:57-0500
> From: Scott McKay <>
> 	    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 1991 12:03 EST
> 	    From:
>     OK, but then what is the canonical way of doing some side effect without
>     going through a command?  For example, suppose I wanted to have some
>     mosue-sensitive buttons that control what is being displayed like those
>     little triangle things in Mac OS 7 directory listings.  I though that
>     presentation actions would be the way to implement these.  Or is this
>     kind of usage considered to be OK?
> I haven't yet seen MacOS 7, so I don't know what it is you are referring
> to.  If it is just redisplay of data that can take place independent of
> changing application state, then it might be OK.

That's what it is.  It's enabling or disabling showing the next level of
structure in a tree, and doesn't change any state aside from the display,
let alone interfering with commands.


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