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CLIM for Sparc Allegro withdrawn from market?

    Date: Tue, 12 Feb 91 14:58:46 cst
    From: George Williams <>

    I am trying to purchase CLIM for Allegro CL on Sun-4 architectures.
    The Boeing purchasing agents have been told that the product can't
    be bought, and that it has been withdrawn from the market due to bugs.

    Is this for real?? or are our procurement people not operating with
    a full charge??  What's going on???

    George Williams
    Boeing Computer Services   Internet:  [preferred]
    POBox 240002, M/S JY-58    UUCP: ...!uunet!uw-beaver!bcsaic!hsvaic!george
    Huntsville AL 35824-6402   Phone: 205+464-4968 FAX: 205+464-4930 BTN: 464-4968

As I said in my last long message to this list, we (ie all of the
companies involved in the CLIM effort) are in the middle of a transition
right at the moment.  I think what your purchasing people were told is
that Franz is no longer taking orders for the "CLIM 0.9 for Allegro"
product that they had been distributing.  This would be consistent with
the plan to shift short-term productization efforts to the CLIM 1.0
dialect (which I outlined in the previous message).

Beyond that, I think it would be best if I let Franz speak to their
specific product plans.  You should contact their marketing people at
415-548-3600.  Remember that we are still trying to sort out all of the
details of the CLIM 1.0 release plan for the Lisps other than Genera and

Mark Son-Bell



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