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presentation actions - how can I live without them?

    Date: Sun, 10 Feb 91 17:44:50 EST
    From: Richard Shapiro <>

    >If you think you want presentation actions, you are probably wrong.


I am rather lost.

We continue to develop a GUI substrate (called the Jin system) which
provides a variety of buttons, switches, thumb wheels, dials, sliders
etc. as the kernel of reusable utilities.

All interaction is through the mouse.
The logic of presentation actions seems to be appropriate.

Indeed, the intrusion of any form of interactor dependencies is both an
overhead and very unwelcome.

Being a believer in staying with the common-denominator philosophies of
software use and development, I am at a loss to see where I have parted
company with CLIM - our great hope for the delivery of the sort of lisp
applications that customers want and will buy.

Any explanations would be gratefully received.

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