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A Kinder Gentler Event Loop


David Linden wrote:

	I think you want two things: a timer mechanism and a way to
	define&deliver events to applications.  You would synthesize these two
	things into a mechanism to deliver timer events to applications.

	The design trick then, is to define
 	  -- the way to extend "events" so that you can define ozone
   	     events and timer events and expect it to work in CLIM,
 	  -- a standard way CLIM applications can connect to a timer mechanism,
	  -- how applications receive/process/queue events so that your timer
	     events are handled properly.  I think this is the real trick,
	     which I'll try to discuss if I'm on the mark in assessing your

I think you wrap up my concerns quite nicely, certainly with less verbosity
than I.  My interest is really with the ability to define and deliver events to
my application.  Timers were a vehicle for motivating that discussion.  My
goal, again, is to have a single event handling mechanism.  This gives me, the
developer, the option of unifying computational control aspects of my


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