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Re: A Kinder Gentler Event Loop

Is there a reason why you want to do all this at the event level,
or would you be happy if you could cause a timer to cause an application
command to get executed?  I should think that doing it at the command
level rather than the event level would be a lot easier to make
independent of the machine and operating system.  One would need to
decide whether these spontaneous commands are suppressed while in
the middle of reading a command, or get inserted in front of the
command currently being read.  In any case execution of a spontaneous
command would not happen simultaneous with execution of any other
command (the same property your event-driven idea presumably has).

Note that doing it as a command does not imply that anything echoes.

One reason why you want to use timer events or commands might be
that you need to work in a Lisp that doesn't have multiple processes,
so you can't use the "obvious" implementation of having a background
process that does the time-dependent operations and synchronizes
with your main process in an application-dependent way.  Are there
other reasons?  In other words, if all CLIM environments you use were
in Lisps with multiple processes, would you still be asking for this?



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