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Announcement by Franz Lisp - Any Comments ?

    Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1991 03:45 EST
    From: Schneider Daniel <>

    I got this via SLUG (the Symbolics Users Group).

    (1) What does this mean for us ? Will the current line of development
    (clim 1.0 version 0.9) be given up in favor of the current Symbolics
    implementation (1.0) and do we have to adopt the symbolics clim syntax ?
    Is Symbolics 1.0 different from Symbolics Cloe Clim prelease?

CLIM Release 1.0 is the direct descendent of the Symbolics Cloe CLIM
pre-release.  I personally hope that CLIM Release 2 will have syntax
that is as compatible as possible with CLIM Release 1.

    (2a) Will there be a portable widget set in this new Franz release
    containing things like radio buttons, one-of-panes, line-edit panes,
    highlighting menus or do we have to stay with the naked symbolics
    "dw-style" interaction paradigm? I WANT THOSE WIDGETS AND MORE OF 'EM

I cannot answer this question for the long term, but the short answer is
that CLIM Release 1 probably will not have support for widget sets.

My guess is that it is unlikely that CLIM will ever support a fully
portable widget set (that is, one that looks the same on every platform),
but will instead support native look and feel for a variety of platforms.
This is partly a matter of the size of the job; there is little sense in
writing a whole stack of widgets for CLIM when there are 10,000 C
programmers already doing it for X-based platforms (and others).

    (2b) Will code be *really* source-compatible between Genera clim and
    other clims? I.e. If we get those widgets on Franz, will the Symbolics
    have them too ??  (In this case I'll go back to our 3620 for
    development work)

It in unlikely that Symbolics will support widgets in a real way.  This
is part of the job of doing fully portable widgets.

    (3) How about the native look and feel kit (is that still clim 2.0?)
    ....  and ...  and.... and ??? 

This, like widgets in general, is the province of CLIM 2.0.  I personally
feel that native look and feel is more important than supporting a fully
portable widget set.  (Note well that the high-level language used to
describe widgets will be platform independent (just like DRAW-LINE is
now), but the exact appearance of the widgets will vary from platform to

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