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CLIM 1.0. Franz and Symbolics

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Franz Inc. Announces CLIM(tm) 1.0
The Portable Interface Manager for Common LISP

(March 18, 1991 -- Berkeley, CA) Franz Inc. has signed an agreement
with Symbolics, Inc. to port Symbolics' CLIM 1.0 to Allegro CL(r)
Common LISP on standard Unix workstations. CLIM, the Common LISP
Interface Manager, is a portable, high-level set of facilities for the
development of graphical user interfaces for LISP-based applications.

CLIM is the emerging standard for user interfaces in Common LISP.
Franz Inc.'s version of CLIM 1.0 is fully optimized for Allegro CL 4.0
with CLOS (Common LISP Object System) and the Sun SPARC family. It is
source code compatible with Symbolics' CLIM 1.0.

Franz' CLIM 1.0 will be available in the second quarter of 1991.
Customers who have purchased CLIM 0.9 through Franz will receive a
free upgrade to CLIM 1.0.

"Franz Inc. will be the first Common LISP vendor to offer CLIM 1.0 on
Unix workstations," said Fritz Kunze, president of Franz Inc. "We are
committed to portability of LISP applications across platforms. We
feel that Allegro CL 4.0 with CLOS and CLIM 1.0 offer the power and
flexibility necessary to deliver complex applications on stock

Franz' introduction of CLIM 1.0 provides a clear migration path for
applications developed on Symbolics' dedicated LISP machines to be
delivered on standard workstations with Allegro CL. To further
simplify application ports, Symbolics can provide developers with
tools for converting Dynamic Windows code to CLIM code.

Sophisticated Graphical User Interface

CLIM gives the developer the ability to build complex and portable
graphical user interfaces, quickly and easily. CLIM incorporates
the advanced features of Symbolics' Dynamic Windows, including:

-- support for drawing of complex geometric shapes,

-- support for different drawing options, inking, color, and full affine

-- formatted output, including graphing and tables,

-- specification of all aspects of the user interface, including
interaction style and specific command menus,

-- Symbolics-compatible presentation subsystem.

The presentation subsystem automatically maintains links between
graphics in the user interface and corresponding objects in the
application. The system allows semantics to be associated with output,
and provides for context-sensitive input. Applications can accept
input in convenient new ways; for example, specific objects on screen
can become mouse sensitive.

Portable Across Environments

CLIM is designed to make applications portable across a variety of
windowing systems and platforms. CLIM achieves a portable user
interface by providing a set of high-level programming tools that
communicate with the low-level implementation language of the host
system. From the application's perspective, the details of the host
window system, host OS, and host computer are invisible: CLIM handles
the interaction with the underlying window system.

CLIM is compatible with most window standards, including the X Window
System. Future releases of CLIM will provide access to foreign
toolkits, such as OPEN LOOK and Motif, allowing the application to
automatically adopt the local look and feel of the host environment.
Other releases of CLIM in the future may provide access to a number of
different window systems, including the Macintosh, Presentation
Manager and Microsoft Windows.

CLIM 1.0 is based on CLOS, a powerful object-oriented extension to
Common LISP. Franz Inc.'s CLIM 1.0 uses Allegro CL's CLOS-based
streams to integrate Common LISP I/O functions with CLIM graphics and
windowing facilities.

CLIM 1.0 will be released first for the Sun SPARC family, followed by
other popular Unix workstations later this year.  Discounts are
available for volume orders and educational customers.  Site licenses,
which provide economical license pricing for multiple users, are also

Franz Inc. is the leading vendor of Common LISP-based development
environments for Unix workstations. Franz offers Allegro CL 4.0, which
includes CLOS and Allegro Presto, an efficient application delivery
system. Franz also offers Allegro Composer, an interactive,
windows-based development environment with performance analysis tools,
including graphical profilers.

Franz Inc. was founded in 1984 by affiliates of the Computer Science
Department at the University of California at Berkeley, including
original developers of Franz Lisp and BSD Unix. Allegro CL, CLIM, and
other products are sold and supported worldwide through Franz' direct
sales force and distribution partners. Franz customers include
universities, research institutions, government agencies, and Fortune
500 companies.

For more information, contact Franz Inc., 1995 University Avenue,
Berkeley, CA 94704, (415) 548-3600, fax (415) 548-8253.


Allegro CL, Allegro Composer, and Allegro Presto are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Franz Inc. CLIM is a trademark of
International Lisp Associates. Unix is a trademark of UNIX Systems
Laboratories, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.

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