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Using Processes in CLIM

To make a point I was trying to make perfectly clear...

    Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 15:33 EST
    From: "David C. P. Linden" <>
    If you have favorites, now might be a good time to put in your votes.

    Date: Fri, 29 Mar 91 11:12 EST
    From: "David C. P. Linden" <>
    I completely agree, but I am only one voice in the coalition.  That's
    why we need feedback on which features CLIM seems to depend on (which
    includes implements for its own usage) that are desirable to "export"
    even though they aren't part of CLIM proper.  This message is about some
    form of access to the underlying multi-processing capabilities.  How
    many other people would like it?  How many other people ALMOST NEED it?
    What other facilities might fall into this category?

By "favorites" and "facilities" I didn't mean PROCESS-WAIT, because I
lumped that in with the larger facility of multiprocessing.  What I
meant was
 -- other high-level facilities that CLIM appears to provide, 
 -- which seem generally useful, 
 -- but aren't part of CLIM proper (and therefore not in the API),
 -- yet which would be convenient for users to have an interface to
    without having to reinvent the wheel themselves.
CLIM is not the place to fill the "gaps" in Common Lisp, but it can
provide CLIM applications with uniform access to existing-with-CLIM


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