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Re: Using Processes in CLIM

Bear in mind that the very first platform on which CLIM was commercially
used (I'm not counting developer pre-releases) does not have processes.
I'm referring to Symbolics Cloe under MS Windows on the IBM PC.

CLIM itself is careful to work with or without processes.  It would be bad
if CLIM applications were encouraged to be less careful.  It would also be
bad if CLIM got bogged down in trying again to standardize all the things
that X3J13 subcommittees were unsuccessful in standardizing.  I think that
useful tools that were developed as part of CLIM can be offered as-is as
useful tools to those who are interested, if the people responsible for
CLIM choose to do so, but we need to recognize that attempts to short
circuit the standardization process may not be wise.  There are very sound
reasons why the standardization process is slow and unwieldy and lags behind
what vendors can do on their own without thinking about other platforms and
the needs of other classes of users.


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