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Multiple layouts

I'm having a problem using a frame with multiple layouts in CLIM 0.9 .
The first layout is generated OK, but when I try to switch layouts,
using select-frame-layout, the new layout is generated with it's
root pane's region being a standard rectangle  0,0 100 100 rather than
the correct size for the frame/layout. If I subsequently setf the 
region slot to the region from the original layout, 
subsequent layout switches are fine.

Note that if I just generate the new layout by accessing the
slot-value of it's slot, the behaviour is the same (ie. an 100x100
region, and subsequently selecting that layout doesn't change it.)
Also, that after calling select-frame-layout with an alternate layout,
all of the root pane's children have region's of a size appropriate to
their definitions, only the root has the 100x100 region.

Any ideas ??


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