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two clim questions

1. Question:

When I "present" a line (in CLIM) using presentation types and try
to "accept" it, all the functions work well.

But when I "present" a line in a scaled environment, the function 
"accept" seems to be pure chance.
I think that the origin of this problem lies in the projection of the
original coordinates to the scaled coordinates.
The functions in CLIM use the scaled coordinates (normally not integer
values, but coordinates like (12.34 | 7.75)), but when we use the mouse
we only get integer coordinates. So the concruency of mouse coordinates
and scaled coordinates is only given in some special cases (which happens 
when the scaled coordinates and the mouse coordinates are the same).

Therfore I wonder if I made a mistake or if, possibly, there is a bug in

(I tried this with CLIM of ILA and SYMBOLICS)

2. Question

I now want to draw a picture in a scrollable pane, which exceeds the 
boundaries. So I'm now looking for some functions/methods

- in order to get the coordinates of the visible part 
- which indicate us the cases when the scrollbar has been used.



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