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defining "virtual" fonts

Is there an equivalent in CLIM 1.0 (I don't have CLIM yet, it's on
order) to the Symbolics function si:define-character-style-families?
I want to be able to define a font face name and family of styles, and
have them mapped to "real" fonts (i.e., fonts that are installed on my

I'm converting (to Allegro CL on a Sparc) some (a lot of) code which
has been on the Symbolics for years, and I would like to make as few
changes to the code as possible.  This code has explicit
family/face/size style references scattered all through it.  The
family referred to is defined using the above si: function, but is not
a real font, either on the Symbolics or any other platform - it's a
name that was invented "for portability."

George Williams
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