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Porting an application to CLIM, what's the plan for being able to set the panes colors, and text colors????


Here's a friendly question about CLIM plans.

So.....I'm running CLIM on a color screen.  I can create the entire screen
with a set foreground and background color.  I can do my graphic drawing in
color......but what about text???  I see with-text-face, with-text-family, and 
with-text-style....what about with-text-color ??????  Also, I'd like to
be able to specify pop-up menu colors (foreground and background), the way I can 
specify the default fonts that will be used for the menus' text.......
I know this isn't something that was in DW, what are the 
plans for CLIM????  I think I may have heard that this is something that will be around 
for CLIM 2.0, is that right???

Thanks for the word.

eric (
 <<please use the above e-mail address, thanx.)

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