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Presentation Actions with Active Lisp Listener

Environment: Symbolics CLIM early release 1.0.

I created a CLIM frame with a Lisp Listener :interactor
pane, where I evaluate a form which runs until I type the
character "q".  Mouse sensitive output is drawn on several
frame panes while the form is running.  I defined presentation
actions to "pop-up" a window, when the mouse is clicked over
the mouse sensitive output.  Only one minor problem -- while
the form is active, the mouse handling appears to be inhibited.
After I type the "q" and the form returns and the :interactor is
waiting for input, the presentation actions work just fine.

Is there a way to have the presentation actions enabled during the
the running of the :interactor pane form?  Do I have to create two
CLIM frames and have the :interactor running in one, and the mouse
sensitive output drawn on the second frame where the presentation 
actions will be defined?

Thanks for any suggestions.

==> Will Taylor


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