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Presentation Actions with Active Lisp Listener

    Date: Mon, 6 May 1991 18:01 EDT
    From: will taylor <>

	Date: Mon, 6 May 1991 15:23-0400
	From: Scott McKay <SWM@SAPSUCKER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

	    Date: Mon, 6 May 1991 13:22 EDT
	    From: will taylor <>

	    Environment: Symbolics CLIM early release 1.0.

	    I created a CLIM frame with a Lisp Listener :interactor
	    pane, where I evaluate a form which runs until I type the
	    character "q".  Mouse sensitive output is drawn on several
	    frame panes while the form is running.  I defined presentation
	    actions to "pop-up" a window, when the mouse is clicked over
	    the mouse sensitive output.  Only one minor problem -- while
	    the form is active, the mouse handling appears to be inhibited.
	    After I type the "q" and the form returns and the :interactor is
	    waiting for input, the presentation actions work just fine.

	    Is there a way to have the presentation actions enabled during the
	    the running of the :interactor pane form?  Do I have to create two
	    CLIM frames and have the :interactor running in one, and the mouse
	    sensitive output drawn on the second frame where the presentation 
	    actions will be defined?

I think that if you set up the right input context when you are looking
for the user to type "q", then the actions should work fine.  As long as
the inpuit context matches the the context for the presentation actions,
the actions should be available.  I don't imagine just doing
READ-CHAR-NO-HANG would get the input context right for you, if it does
anything with input context at all.

	Have a background process that is waiting for input on the same stream
	as the interactor.  Be very careful, use locks.

    Using background processes and locks isn't portable, is it?  I should have 
    specified that I am looking for a portable CLIM solution.

	    Thanks for any suggestions.

	    ==> Will Taylor


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