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We have been using ILA's CLIM 0.9 Developer's Pre-release
with various patches from ILA, running under Genera 8.
Genera 8.1 will be coming out soon with Symbolics' version
of CLIM.  Franz is shipping its CLIM for Suns.

We use Symbolics, Suns and Macs.  I have never seen anyone
list what is available (or will soon be available) for CLIM
work on these platforms.  In particular, what is the latest
in terms of compatibility across platorms?  For the 
machines we're talking about this means (at least) three
vendors (Symbolics, ILA and Franz, not sure about Lucid's plans)
and three languages, Genera, Allegro, MACL (again, I haven't
heard much from Lucid/Sun).

We are VERY concerned about portability because we owe it
to our sponsor (NSF) and ourselves to have as much portability
as possible.  But I find it hard to make plans, not knowing
what the picture is (maybe it's in a lot of flux?).

All I've heard is that Franz's CLIM is now based on the Symbolics
implmentation.  That's why I'm confused -- should be do further
work using the ILA system or wait or switch.  

Would appreciate advice/discussion from all you CLIMmers who
must be facing some of these same decisions yourselves.

with bated breath,

  bob futrelle

   Prof. Robert P. Futrelle
   College of Computer Science  161CN
   Northeastern University
   360 Huntington Ave.
   Boston, MA 02115




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