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clim for Mac Common Lisp (MCL)

    Date: 	Wed, 12 Jun 1991 09:19:35 -0400
    From: Martin Stanley <>

    Second try at sending this...

    I have heard on the net that there is a version of clim available for MCL.
    Is there any truth to this rumour? 


    Martin Stanley                                  Department of Computer Science  -or-                        University of Toronto                              Kings College Circle
						    Toronto, Ontario

Yes, ILA has begun to ship a beta version of CLIM 1.0 for MCL 2.0.  Send
requests directly to:

	Attn: CLIM Sales
	114 Mt. Auburn St.
	Fourth Floor
	Cambridge, MA 02138

(or by fax to 617/576-2806 or be e-mail to


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