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clim for Mac Common Lisp (MCL)

    Date: 	Tue, 28 May 1991 23:23:38 -0400
    From: Martin Stanley <>

    I have heard on the net that there is a version of clim available for MCL.
    Is there any truth to this rumour? 

We have just begun shipping CLIM 1.0 for Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL).
You can order a copy directly from ILA by sending an e-mail request to
CLIM-Orders@ILA.COM, or by sending U.S. mail to:

CLIM Orders
114 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA  02138

Please include the following information:

Type of Macintosh
Mac OS version
Amount of memory (4 meg minimum, more if you want to develop applications :-)
MCL version (must be at least 2.0b1)
Purchase order number

The price is $495.00 (USA) plus shipping and handling.

Apple has not yet shipped the final version of MCL 2.0.  Therefore,
the version of CLIM that we are currently shipping is not necessarily
the final CLIM 1.0.  If the final release of MCL 2.0 requires us to
make changes to CLIM, we will automatically upgrade customers who
order CLIM for MCL now.  You must order MCL 2.0 directly from Apple.


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