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RE: menu-multiple-choose

    Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1991 12:12-0700
    From: will taylor <>

    Recently Scott McKay provided his code for menu-multiple-choose.

    I compiled it in a package which inherits from the CLIM package and
    got these messages (under Genera 8.1, CLIM 27.3) --

What Scott sent was essentially a patch to CLIM 1.0, not a user
program.  It makes use of parts of the internal mechanism of the CLIM
menu facility, so you have to actually compile it IN the CLIM package.

[warnings removed]

    Apparently these items are not exported from the CLIM package.  Doesn't
    that make this code non portable under release 1.0 ?

The code is portable, in that it will work in all CLIM 1.0
implementations.  However, since the patch uses CLIM internals instead
of only external, documented functions, it may stop working in a future

    Or is menu-multiple-choose targeted to be exported from the CLIM package 
    in release 2.0 ?

We will try to get something like this installed "for real" in a
future CLIM release.


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