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Question about menu-choose-command...

Reading the manual for CLIM 1.0 I thought evaluating

(setq *root*  (clim:open-root-window :clx))

(clim:define-command (item1 :menu t :command-table clim:user-command-table)
                     () (print 1))
(clim:define-command (item2 :menu t :command-table clim:user-command-table)
                     () (print 2))

  :associated-window *root*)

should pop up a menu with 'item1' and 'item2' in it.
Then depending on my choice the last form should return (not execute!) the
corresponding command.

What happens is:
The menu pops up, but the items are not mouse-sensitive. Clicking inside the
menu hasn't any effect. Clicking outside the menu returns NIL.

Another problem:

Why does

(clim:menu-choose '(item1 item2 item3) :label "Your Choice:"
		  :associated-window *root*)

ignore the :label option. It is also ignored in the
clim:accepting-values function.

My working environment is:
SUN Sparc 1+, Open Windows 2.0, Allegro CL 4.0.1, CLIM 1.0

Are that known problems or is something wrong with my thinking or program?

Michael Montag


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