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question-about string editing

    Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1991 11:52 EDT
    From: Ken Fertig <>

    Under dw, the form

    (dw:accepting-values ()
       (accept 'string :prompt "Enter String"
		       :default "This is a string"))

    would allow one to middle click on the presented default ("This is a
    string") and edit it in place.

    Under clim 1.0, the form

    (clim:accepting-values ()
       (clim:accept 'string :prompt "Enter String"
			    :default "This is a string"))

    offers no middle click option and any "editing" gesture removes the
    default from the input buffer and requires the user to reenter the
    entire string again.

    I tried playing around with clim:prenestation-replace-input,
    with-input-focus, with-input-editing, etc. but didn't make much
    progress.  Does anyone have a code example that mimics the editing
    capability of the dw approach?

This has already been fixed in the development version of CLIM 1.0.
I have no idea when this version of CLIM will make it to the field.


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