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(color) hardcopy in CLIM

Hardcopy is crucial as we try to show the world the wonderful
things that can be done with CLIM (we're running it on 3 platforms
with 3 different OS's).  So yes, hardcopy is important.

Also, since visual displays can be many times more informative
with color than without, e.g., for plotting multiple data sets,
we just want to be sure that color output is supported.

EPSF (encapsulated PostScript) is getting common and it sure
is useful.  Our expected QMS color laser has EPSF driver sftw.

It is true that SLMs have built-in hardcopy in Genera and Macs
have third-party screen snapping utilities, but we need to make
it possible for the user (the one we do these gUi's for) to
click hardcopy and make it happen.

bob futrelle

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