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Application frames, windows, panes...

Considering the various questions about application frames, windows, panes... on 
the mailing list lately, I have a more general question to ask.

What is the rationale behind all these terms in clim designers' minds ?

I read the whole documentation and understood it (I think - or maybe not) and 
I'm used to working on a Symbolics where these questions didn't arise.

But working on a mac makes things different.  Considering the usual way the mac 
interfaces with the user (multiple windows, containg areas that might be called 
panes), I'm wondering what's the best way to design code for that using clim 

First, I don't really see where clim "windows" and "streams" fit in the 
application frame/panes architecture.  Looking at the mac interface, it seems 
like one could say "there is an application, with several windows (at the same 
time and somewhat independent - but not always) and panes within these windows.

How would that be (nicely) coded in clim?





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