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CLIM 2.0 announcement

This is a copy of the announcement that was made at LUV-91 regarding
CLIM 2.0.

For Immediate Release
Contact: 	Gary Roberts, Symbolics, Inc. (617) 221-1356
		Elizabeth Shook, Franz Inc. (510) 548-3600
Symbolics and Franz to Develop Second Generation
Common LISP Interface Manager -- CLIM 2.0

(October 31, 1991 -- Gaithersburg, MD) Symbolics, Inc. and Franz Inc.
announced today that the two companies will jointly develop CLIM 2.0,
the second-generation Common Lisp Interface Manager through a
cooperative code-sharing agreement.  The announcement was made at the
first Lisp Users and Vendors Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

CLIM is a portable, high-level set of facilities for the development
of graphical user interfaces for Lisp-based applications. CLIM 2.0
will combine the functionality of the CLIM 0.9 and 1.0 to create a
truly platform independent user interface management system.  CLIM 2.0
will enable applications to be written that are window system and
toolkit independent.

The appearance of CLIM 2.0 applications is described in general
high-level abstract terms.  By using this high-level description, CLIM
2.0 enables applications to automatically adopt the look and feel that
is appropriate for the host environment.

CLIM 2.0 will provide access to foreign toolkits such as Motif and
OpenLook on the X Window System, and support a variety of other window
systems including Dynamic Windows, Macintosh, Presentation Manager and
Microsoft Windows. For more flexibility, programmers can bypass CLIM's
highest layers to access the low-level toolkits directly.

CLIM 2.0 incorporates many of the advanced features of Symbolics
Dynamic Windows, including sophisticated output formatting facilities
and a presentation substrate.  The presentation substrate
automatically maintains links between application objects and their
visual representation, enabling objects to be manipulated using the

CLIM 2.0 is the emerging standard interface manager for Common Lisp.
Franz and Symbolics will cooperate with other Lisp vendors to make
CLIM 2.0 available for all Lisp implementations.  The specification
for CLIM 2.0 will be placed in the public domain.

Franz' CLIM 2.0 for Unix workstations will be fully compatible with
Symbolics' CLIM, which runs under the Genera development environment
on Symbolics' line of dedicated Lisp machines.  Franz expects to have
CLIM 2.0 beta available in the first half of next year.

Saiid Zarrabian, Vice President of Development and Consulting at
Symbolics, said, "Our agreement to share source code with Franz will
result in consistent implementation of CLIM 2.0 by the two companies.
Our customers will be able to rest assured that applications developed
using the Genera System will run under Unix with Allegro CL."

Fritz Kunze, president of Franz, said "CLIM 2.0 is the first interface
manager available on stock hardware that offers the advanced
capability necessary for complex applications with a high degree of
user interaction."

Earlier this year, Franz announced its agreement to port Symbolics'
CLIM 1.0 to Unix workstations. Franz' CLIM 1.0 is now shipping. CLIM
2.0 will continue to provide a clear migration path for applications
developed on Symbolics' Genera development environment to be delivered
on standard Unix workstations with Allegro CL.

Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., is a leading
supplier of Lisp-based workstations and object-oriented software used in
sophisticated applications including interactive scheduling and
planning, hypertext-based publishing, computer-aided mathematical
computing and HDTV-based graphics imaging and processing. Symbolics'
customers include over 1,000 commercial, government, and academic
organizations worldwide.

Franz Inc. is the leading vendor of Common LISP-based development
environments for Unix workstations. Franz Inc. was founded in 1984 by
affiliates of the Computer Science Department at the University of
California at Berkeley, including original developers of Franz Lisp
and BSD Unix. Allegro CL, CLIM, and other products are sold and
supported worldwide through Franz' direct sales force and distribution
partners. Franz customers include universities, research institutions,
government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

CLIM will become integrated into the complete Franz product line,
including Allegro CL Common Lisp and the Allegro Composer development

For more information, contact Symbolics, Inc., 8 New England Executive
Park East, Burlington, MA 01801, (617) 221-1000; or Franz Inc., 1995
University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 548-3600, fax (510)


Genera is a registered trademark of Symbolics, Inc. Allegro CL,
Allegro Composer, and Allegro Presto are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Franz Inc. CLIM is a trademark of International Lisp
Associates. Unix is a trademark of UNIX Systems Laboratories, Inc.
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