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[This came up in conversation between Bob and me, but I thought this mailing list might like to
hear what's going on also.]
    Date: Thu, 7 Nov 91 14:07:03 -0500
    From: robert futrelle <>

    In Billington's note to SLUG, he said that at LUV-91,
    a code-sharing arrangement was announced for Franz, Harlequin,
    Lucid and Symbolics.  This arrangement will guarantee a very
    high degree of portability (and efficiency, I hope!).
    We really like CLIM for the Mac (under MCL) that ILA has done.
    Are they party to that agreement?  I sure hope so.

    bob futrelle

ILA is not party to this new arrangement, but doesn't have to be, since we already have
comparable agreements with all of the CLIM licensees.  The new arrangement just sets up a scheme
(so to speak) where various parties share code directly with one another (including with ILA),
rather than passing it through ILA, or any other central clearing-house.  The licensing and
cross-licensing agreements that currently govern the development and distribution of CLIM have
become unmanageable.  By simply pooling code, the vendors are cutting this particular Gordian

One of the points here that everyone agrees on is that ILA needs to get out of the middle of the
productization process, so that we can concentrate on the spec (and, of course, on the one CLIM
product that we distribute ourselves, which is the one for MCL 2.0).  The bulk of the work that
remains to be done on 2.0 implementations/products is largely a matter of QA and tuning, which
is best done by the people who build the underlying Lisps, or, at least, who can concentrate on
one at a time.

ILA remains heavily involved in CLIM, and is working especially closely with Symbolics right at
present to merge the two extant dialects [Silica (aka "0.9") and pre-Silica (aka "1.0")] into
a proto-version of a unified dialect, which is to say, CLIM 2.0.  Once we've gotten the two
architectures back together, it should be downhill sledding.

Mark Son-Bell


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