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Hack on Accepting-Values in CLIM

Does anybody have (and is willing to part with) a hack on CLIM's accepting-
values that allows the user to select a subset from a list where display-
wise it appears as the old tv:choose-variable-values menu technology for
the :choose-multiple types?  ie:  Assumming caps are bolded items.

The variable "value" is a list of symbols '(pick one or more of me)

... where on the display it would appear you would have a
label and a  a list 
  |            |
 \ /          \ /

choose     pick one or more of me     <--- value is nil

after user selected 3 items for value

choose     PICK one OR more OF me     <--- value is '(pick or of)

If user is satisfied then can exit the accepting-values form.


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