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Hiding Menu Commands

I've tried two ways of hiding menu commands when I switch between layouts
in a CLIM application:

(1)  enable-command/disable-command changes the font on the menu command
name, and sensitizes/de-sensitizes the string;  however, I have one command
that gets enabled, but whose font remains italicized (disabled).

I would prefer to remove disabled commands from the command menu.  The
difference in font style between enabled and disabled commands is not
meaningful for users.

(2)  and so I tried using a hierarchy of command tables.  However, I have
not found a way to switch between command tables in my application.
The display-command-menu function will display the command table that
is defined in the :command-table parameter of the define-application-frame
macro.  But I cannot seem to define my own display function that uses
a different command table depending on application state.

Are separate command tables intended to be used in this way?
How does one switch between command tables in CLIM?


Joe Sherman


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